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Heat pump inverter systems, the eco-friendly choice

We service and install both air to air heat pumps and air to water heat pumps.

Providing eco-friendly heating systems for all types of commercial buildings

Heat pumps are an essential part of an air conditioning system. They transfer the heat from one environment to another with the use of refrigerants. Heat pumps are classed as a renewable energy as they can provide a very cost effective heating solution too.

Heat pumps can work both ways, in cooling mode they extract hot air from a room or enclosed space to the outside air, this in turn keeps the air in the room cool. Heat pumps can also be reversed and provide warmth in an enclosed space as well. The flow of the heat pump and temperature can be controlled by a control panel which can be implemented in a variety of different ways by our specialist engineers.

Why choose heat pumps?

  • Effective and environmentally friendly heating option
  • Air to airt heat-pumps and air to water heat-pumps
  • Easy to reach desired temperatures much faster
  • Maintains a more stable environment
  • Heat-pumps average around 300% efficiency levels
  • Can provide both heating and hot water
  • Some can be used as air conditioning in the summer
  • If electricity is from renewables, heat-pump can be carbon neutral
  • Can help to reduce your CO2 output for home or business
  • Heat-pumps require very little maintenance

Call today for all of your energy efficient heating needs. Based in Dorset, serving the UK 0800 0189 941