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At Cool-Tec, we understand the importance of supplying clean and fresh air to your property. Air conditioning can keep your customers happy, your employees productive and your business appealing.

We have over 35 years’ experience designing, supplying, installing, servicing and cleaning a wide range of quality commercial air conditioning units and systems for different commercial and residential buildings – from office blocks and schools to hotels and restaurants.

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Why install air conditioning?

First and foremost – it keeps you cool! One of the obvious benefits of installing air conditioning is that it will lower the in-room temperature, to combat uncomfortable home or office environments during those scorching sunny summer months.

Air conditioning can promote a healthy atmosphere. By providing better air quality, they can reduce the risk of dehydration, heat stroke and asthma attacks.

Air conditioning systems also have a relatively high efficiency rating, and come in various forms such as split system and air-to-air systems allowing for versatility and flexibility.

At Cool-Tec, we understand the need to customise our services to each client’s unique requirements. This way, you can always be sure that you’re receiving the best solution for your exact requirements.

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24/7 emergency call-outs – simply call 0800 0189941 and we’ll be there

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Based in Dorset, we cover the whole of the UK

Competitive rates on all services & products

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Cool-Tec offers expert air conditioning installation

Whether you run a retail store in Croydon, or own a home in Dorset, we’ve been serving businesses and homes with air conditioning installations across the UK for over 35 years.

To help install the right air conditioning unit for you, we offer:

The best products on the market

As an accredited supplier of the major air conditioning brands and manufacturers, we want to ensure you get the very best equipment.

Competitive rates on all services and products we recommend

And we don’t charge for our initial call out and survey.

A Friendly and Reliable Team

As one of the nation’s most established and air conditioning specialists, you can be sure our team will deliver a reliable, efficient service completed on time and within your budget. Our experienced and knowledgeable project managers would love to come and discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

At Cool-Tec, our Air Conditioning units have in-built temperature control systems, giving you the option to choose between heating, cooling or ventilation.

See our dedicated FAQs for more commonly asked questions.

Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

Will air conditioning remove humidity?

Yes – air conditioning removes warmth and moisture from the indoor air. Many of our units have humidify settings to optimise humidity reduction in your building.

How much does air conditioning installation cost?

At Cool-Tec, we will work with you to provide the best cost-effective solution that is still functional and fit for purpose across your property.

Can air conditioning be hot?

Not a fan? Well, air conditioning units do not just cool you down – they can heat you up too! They can help create your perfect climate for any situation. Through the use of a reversing valve, the heat transfer process can be reversed, so that warm air is pumped into the room rather than being expelled.

How often will I need to service my air conditioning unit?

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to give your AC unit a check-up once a year. This simple step can catch small problems before they turn into major issues and save you from expensive repairs later on. It also gives your AC a tune-up to make sure it’s running its best, saving you extra money on your energy bills.

If your AC starts making odd noises or performing less than optimally, don’t hesitate to call in for a service then and there. That way, the expert can figure out what’s going on and fix it up if needed.

Do you offer servicing and repairs?

Yes! We’re here to help with both scheduled maintenance and 24/7 call-outs for emergency repairs. Whether you want to give your AC system a performance boost with a tune-up or if you’re facing more significant issues, our accredited team are always ready to get your system back on track in no time.

CAD Design – get the right system for your needs & budget.

Maintenance – includes filter cleaning to ensure a hygienic system.

Filter cleaning – keep your air conditioning system clean and hygienic

Air Conditioning Services


Installation speedy installation keeps disruption to a minimum.

Emergency repairs – an air conditioning engineer on hand 24/7.

Full range of air conditioning services – from design to installation to maintenance

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