How does air conditioning help to keep your office covid-safe?

Ventilation helps to reduce the risk of catching Covid.

Covid – and indeed, other viruses and germs – spread more easily in areas with low ventilation. In stagnant air, germs linger, increasing the risk of other people inhaling them. Air conditioning works by drawing in fresh air from the outside, then circulating it around the room. This disperses and filters out air droplets that contain bits of virus.

If you’re looking to use your air conditioning system as a way of reducing the risk of spreading Covid in your workplace, you need to make sure that any re-circulation settings are turned off – otherwise you are spreading potentially infected air around the office. Instead, make sure the rate of air change settings are set high, so you’re getting as much outside air in the office as possible.

If you’re thinking of updating your air conditioning so you can open your office space safely, it’s worth looking at the guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation. They teamed up with technical experts from fields including infection control, aerobiology, and engineering to create a roadmap that offices can use to improve their ventilation.

WHO Ventilation Roadmap: Key Takeaways

The World Health Organisation recommends a ventilation rate of 10 litres per second per person. If your air conditioning unit isn’t capable of performing at this rate, you should consider implementing the following:

  • Disable demand-control ventilation controls that reduce air supply based on room temperature or occupancy
  • Consider opening windows, as well as using your air conditioning unit if you can’t increase ventilation mechanically
  • Reduce the capacity of the room so you achieve the 10 litres per second person recommendation
  • Consider using a standalone air cleaner, particularly in areas often used by people

If your air conditioning unit is capable of performing at 10 litres per second per person, consider implementing the following additional measures:

  • Use fans to further distribute the clean air
  • Make sure your air conditioning unit is fitted with the ultimate filters for ventilation (within its ventilation capacity)
  • Make sure your air conditioning system is periodically maintained, including cleaning and changing filters
  • Consider using standalone air cleaners, in addition to your air conditioning unit to maximise ventilation

Cool Tec can optimise your air conditioning to increase ventilation

If you’re looking to make your office more Covid safe, our HVAC specialists will ensure that your air conditioning unit is optimised to keep the air in your office as clean as possible.

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