How to Celebrate World Refrigeration Day: Cooling Matters

To celebrate World Refrigeration Day on 26th June, a number of the world’s best chefs will describe the importance of cooling in their kitchens. The aim is to educate consumers on the cooling choices they make at home to save money, extend the life of their products and understand how food waste contributes to climate change.

As experts who specialise in providing refrigeration services across the UK and Dorset, we wanted to explain to you the theme for this year’s World Refrigeration Day and how you can get involved.

Cooling keeps food fresh campaign

This year’s theme for World Refrigeration Day is based around “The Cooling Keeps Fresh” campaign, which outlines why cooling is needed for food safety and how it helps with: 

  • Nutritious diets that support our health 
  • Reducing food loss and waste 
  • Ultimately protecting the environment

On 26th June, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) OzonAction, top cooks from Chefs4thePlanet and the Global Food Cold Chain Council will collaborate to explain the essential role cooling has in protecting our planet and human health.

Cooling matters

Steve Gill, the founder of World Refrigeration Day says: “Cooling matters and keeping food safe is one example of that. Cooling is at the very heart of modern life. And the importance of cooling to the global food chain and sustaining human life on our planet cannot be overestimated.”

How to get involved on World Refrigeration Day

For more information on the “The Cooling Keeps Fresh Campaign”, along with what will take place on World Refrigeration Day, visit the World Refrigeration Day website or drop them an email.

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