The Psychological Benefits of Air Conditioning – Blue Monday

Who doesn’t like being warm and snug? You’d have to try hard to find someone that doesn’t, especially during this time of year. It’s Blue Monday here in the UK, a day that highlights the rather sombre fact that many people struggle with their mental health at this time.

At first glance, you may think that Cool-Tec is only about cooling, but our multi-purpose units offer our customers an alternative heating solution during these cold, dark months.

We care deeply about health issues and understand that with our work, we also have the chance to bring some positivity into people’s lives. By supplying reliable, high-quality air conditioning units that heat as well as cool, we provide people with greater control over the temperature of their surroundings in order to create a safe and comfortable space all year around.

Find out more about how air conditioning units can also help your mental health here.

Who is affected?

Anyone of any age could be at risk of health struggles as a result of facing the cold during the winter months. While inadequate temperatures can put people at greater risk of physical illnesses, such as contracting a cold or flu, it can also have a huge impact on their mental wellbeing.

How can air conditioning make a difference?

The temperature and air quality of our surroundings can massively impact our moods. Installing an air conditioning unit can enable you to maintain a regular, comfortable temperature in any setting.

Whether heating your home or workplace, there are many ways in which air conditioning can have a positive impact on everyone – from you, to your visitors, and your employees.

A comfortable setting can help to creates a more productive environment – increasing motivation and improving concentration.

This allows us to achieve better results, leading to a greater sense of reward and self-satisfaction.

What’s more, a warm environment can instantly generate a greater sense of care and help us to feel more at ease. Naturally, when we feel looked after, we feel happier.

In guidance on how to stay well this winter, the NHS highlights the importance of an adequately heated environment and recommend that all heating systems are checked regularly by a qualified professional.

At Cool-Tec, we are proud to offer a complete installation, maintenance, and repair service. Our expert technicians are ready to help in any way you require, from designing your bespoke system, to guiding you through its functions, and booking in regular maintenance visits to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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