World Refrigeration Day – Why we’re Celebrating it

World Refrigeration Day is all about celebrating the significant role refrigeration plays in modern life – from transporting vaccines in a global pandemic to revolutionising the food industry. It also celebrates the refrigeration industry in general, including its achievements and its opportunities.

Each year, the day has a different focus, and this year, the World Refrigeration Day 2021 campaign is titled Cooling Champions: Cool Careers in a Better World. The aim of the campaign is to encourage students and young professionals to choose a career in refrigeration and help to solve the cooling challenges faced by communities around the world.

Whether it’s creating cooling solutions for comfort or designing refrigeration systems for temperature regulated environments, forward-thinking graduates and young professionals are always required to inject their knowledge and passion into solving refrigeration and cooling concerns.

Celebrating the Cool Tec team

So this year, to celebrate World Refrigeration Day and to get behind its campaign, Cool Tec is recognising its team, and the contribution it’s made to the industry.

Whether it’s installing air conditioning units, creating cooling rooms, or solving heat pump problems, we’re passionate about finding innovative solutions that serve local residential, commercial, and manufacturing clients.

We’re also passionate about investing in the training and development of our team to ensure they too have the knowledge and skills to continuously adapt and improve the cooling solutions we offer inline with the demands and challenges faced by the modern world.

If you would like to join a knowledgeable, forward-thinking team, or you require a team to come up with a solution for your cooling requirements, get in touch with Cool Tec today. Reach us on 0800 0189 941 or contact us through our website.