The brief

Our client sought a sophisticated air conditioning and ventilation solution for their robotics manufacturing clean room in Bridport. Given the room’s critical function in contamination control and airborne particle removal, they required an efficient and dependable ventilation system.

Leveraging our bespoke CAD design service, we crafted a custom system precisely tailored to the room’s dimensions and unique needs.

What we have delivered

This is part of an ongoing project that is still in progress. So far, we have worked with the client to get a complete understanding of what they need from the air conditioning and separate ventilation system to be able to design a system that would fit their needs.

Our expert engineers meticulously designed ventilation systems using cutting-edge CAD technology, ensuring a perfect fit within the available space. Simultaneously, we identified and installed three Toshiba Air Conditioning UK units designed to provide optimal temperature regulation, air quality control, and consistent air circulation throughout the clean room.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation For a Manufacturing for a Clean Room

The end result

With a keen emphasis on precision and functionality, our installation of three Toshiba Air Conditioning UK units and separate ventilation systems has significantly transformed the robotics manufacturing clean room in Bridport.

Temperature Regulation and Comfort

The deployment of the air conditioning units ensures meticulous temperature regulation throughout the clean room. By strategically distributing cooled air, we’ve created an environment conducive to optimal machinery performance while ensuring the comfort of the working space.

Enhanced Air Quality Control

Our meticulously installed air conditioning units and ventilation systems function as air purifiers, effectively filtering out contaminants, dust, and particles that might compromise the precision of manufacturing processes and the health of any employees. This meticulous air quality control is essential in safeguarding the integrity of the machinery, people and the final products.

Uninterrupted Air Circulation

The trio of Toshiba units serves a critical purpose in maintaining consistent air circulation. Stagnant air pockets, often detrimental to sensitive equipment and air quality, are effectively eliminated, ensuring a consistent distribution of clean, purified air throughout the clean room.

Complementary Ventilation Systems

Our separately installed ventilation systems operate seamlessly in tandem with the air conditioning units. These systems ensure a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air while efficiently expelling impurities. Their synchronisation with the air conditioning units ensures consistent room temperature and optimal airflow, contributing to a pristine manufacturing environment.

Synergistic Solutions

The integration of air conditioning and ventilation systems has resulted in a holistic and synergistic solution that not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations. Our meticulous planning, bespoke design, and precise installation have transformed the clean room into an environment conducive to precise and efficient robotics manufacturing.

Why Choose Us?

With over 35 years of industry experience, our Safe Contractor-approved team excels in bespoke air conditioning and ventilation solutions. We operate nationwide, offering our expertise to various commercial and domestic clients across the UK, including Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and Wiltshire.

Upon engagement, our team conducts thorough site visits to assess requirements and develops tailored solutions using our advanced CAD design software. Our services encompass full project management, detailed CAD MEP drawings, accurate cooling calculations, and comprehensive indemnity insurance for design work.

We handle projects of all scales, ensuring hassle-free processes and maintaining open communication with our clients throughout. Your comfort and understanding of our work are paramount.

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