The brief

We were contacted by a local school looking to install air conditioning units in several classrooms. A challenge they were facing was helping a student engage and concentrate in class as they were unable to regulate their own body temperature. Our brief was to install HVAC systems in the classrooms that would help create a more comfortable working environment for everyone

What did we do?

The process started with a site survey by one of our experts. On this visit, we surveyed each classroom that needed an air conditioning unit installed. This allowed us to get an idea of the space that we were working with and evaluate any existing ductwork and the electrical infrastructure.  

Having scoped the project out and gained a better understanding of the requirements needing to be fulfilled and the spaces that we would be working within, we set about establishing the best way to create a comfortable environment that offered a unique temperature control within each setting. It was important that we selected an air conditioning unit that would provide both heating and cooling so that the students were comfortable all year round.  

We quickly moved on to installing the systems in each classroom. We wanted to get this done as quickly as possible while minimising disruption. This was fairly easy as we were installing separate air conditioning units across five classrooms; each classroom being fitted with two separate
Toshiba 10kw Cassettes. We were able to enter each classroom when they weren’t being used after school hours. We also installed a Toshiba 7kw wall mount system in a counselling room to ensure comfort in that space as well as the classrooms.   

We provided a comprehensive service from beginning to end, making sure the client understood everything at each stage. We made sure that the quote was clear and easy to understand and that we included the client in our discussions around the best approach to this project, ensuring they were confident with the work being done and how it would meet their needs.


Why Cool-Tec was chosen to install these air conditioning units

With over 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we are a leading name in the local area. Known for our reliability and expert knowledge, this school called us because they were confident they would get a professional service from a friendly and trustworthy team.   

The project manager assigned to this job ensured that they took the time to explain various options to the client, and once the systems had been installed allocated time to run through how to use the systems with those that needed to know.  

Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do, so we needed to be responsive, friendly and unbiased towards products and systems.

Efficient air conditioning installation

Our team were smooth and efficient when installing each of the air conditioning units, and the client was happy with the process.  

The students are now able to concentrate and engage with their lessons in an environment that is temperature-controlled.  

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