The brief

As a holiday home installation, the quality and reliability of the air conditioning units was important to the client. They wanted to ensure their holidays weren’t interrupted by unwanted issues with their new units.

They called upon the expertise of the Cool-Tec team to provide heating and cooling facilities for the bedroom and living area, and we worked with them to ensure the installation fit in seamlessly with the surrounding aesthetics.

What did we do?

Having liaised with the client about their heating and cooling needs, we undertook a site assessment to see which unit would be best suited to the building. For this, the client settled upon 2 x Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Wall Mounted Splits with infrared remote control.

With bundles of power and an easy to use, remote control interface, the client would find this unit more than capable of coping with the English weather at any extreme – in spaces of up to 50 square meters. Wall mounted splits offer many benefits, including being simple to install and maintain, and discreet and unintrusive – everything you could want in your holiday home unit.

West Bay Air Conditioning Unit
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Wall Mounted Split

After the installation

The client commented on the speed and efficacy of our installation team, appreciating the tidy nature of their work. Having worked on both their home and holiday home, the Cool-Tec team have given them all the tools they need to stay in control of their temperature.

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