The brief

The client, Jen, initially contacted us in March 2022 to come up with a solution for cooling an area of the ground floor of her house. Jen is a professional cakemaker (with her own wedding cake company Cakey Lulu’s), so it was crucial that the room would not be too hot in the warmer months, particularly when it comes to her working with icing and the finer points of her craft! We gave Jen several options, so she could make an informed choice in terms of what she should use for the installation.

Why did the client need air conditioning installed?

Jen needed air conditioning installed because her kitchen has large bifold doors which let in a lot of sunlight and heat in over the summer. This made the room very hot and made it more difficult to decorate cakes – especially as chocolate and buttercream aren’t best kept in heat!

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Any specific details about the equipment that you ended up choosing?

Jen chose the system installed because it had enough power to cool her very large extension. The system came with Wi-Fi connectivity, so she can control it via her smartphone (which was handy, so she didn’t need to find the remote every time she wanted to use the unit).

After installing the app, she discovered that she could control the unit via her Amazon Alexa devices. This has come in very useful while decorating cakes, as any time she wants to turn the unit on or adjust the temperature or fan speed, she would have to stop working, wash her hands before using her phone or the remote, and then wash them again before restarting work. Using the Alexa connectivity has meant she can just continue to work without stopping.

Why did Jen choose Cool-Tec to supply and install your equipment?

Jen chose Cool-Tec to supply and install the air con unit because our assigned Project Manager was very knowledgeable, gave good advice and offered a few different options to determine what would work best in her workspace. The price was competitive as well.

wall mounted air con

Anything else you would like to say about the equipment/installation and service?

The installation was quick, efficient and very tidy – Jen was expecting lots of brick dust and mess from drilling through to the outside, but the Cool-Tec team were very clean and there was barely any dust – only a tiny patch on the floor which was vacuumed up by the installer. The unit fits neatly on the wall without any damage to the surrounding wall, and the outside unit is high enough up that it doesn’t block the side path. Jen is incredibly pleased with the unit and the service she received, and would definitely recommend Cool-Tec to anyone needing air conditioning installed.

Summary –

Jen was a great customer to deal with. When the system was commissioned, demonstrated and handed over, the indoor wall-mounted unit really suited the room and the bonus of how good the Alexa controllability is with the system amazed us all!

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