The brief

The Cool-Tec were recently contacted by a company that suspected a leak in an air conditioning system. We were asked if we could take a look and test the system to find out where the leak was and fix it.

There was a twist though, the work was to be carried out on one of their commercial vessels.

What did we do?

We drove down to the doc where this vessel was moored, with our air conditioning maintenance and testing kit in our vans.

Our technician headed down to where the air conditioning unit was. The test was conducted in several stages.

  1. A visual inspection was completed, where our technician looked for visible signs of damage, leaks or problems.
  2. While looking at the system, our technician listened for any hissing noises that might indicate a link.
  3. We then turned to our technology and tools to complete a leak test.
Cool-Tec Van parked next to Ship
Routine servicing and leak checking in Weymouth

The End Result

After carrying out the leak tests, we left the client confident that their air conditioning unit was performing as it should be, leak-free.

In completing this leak task, we ensured that the system was operating at its optimal levels, maintaining energy efficiency and improving air quality.

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