Case study update: June 2024

The Oceanarium has been a client for over 10 years, and we always look forward to heading to their premise to complete some work.

Following our air conditioning replacement, we were contracted to provide a service and maintenance package as a preventative measure to combat the sea air that can cause early corrosion and wear of the components within the units.

We now undertake a 6-monthly service, meaning a technician visits the aquarium to test, inspect and clean all the various parts of their air conditioning system. This allows us to maintain other preventative measures against challenging air conditions.

Heading into their busy period, with the summer holidays drawing closer and the temperatures starting to rise, June is the perfect time to complete one of two services they receive each year. This service makes sure that the system continues to work efficiently with seamless airflow that will keep staff and visitors cool over the warmer months.

The brief

Cool-Tec were called out to our long-term clients at the Bournemouth Seafront – the Oceanarium.

The Oceanarium is a staple of the Bournemouth seafront, with huge footfall making it very busy especially during the warmer months of the year. This means it’s essential for them to stay on top of facilities such as their air-conditioning, ensuring that all customers are suitably comfortable.

As they are right next to the sea, this presents a number of challenges regarding electronics and having to provide extra protection against corrosion and wear.

Luckily, Cool-Tec are highly experienced in dealing with similar circumstances, and we were more than ready to take on the task.

What did we do?

The first port of call upon arrival was to check out the Oceanarium’s existing air-conditioning unit.

Even from first glances, it was possible to see that this unit was very much in need of repair or replacement, with visible rusting on the exterior the first pointer to the corrosive properties of the sea air having taken effect.

The Cool-Tec team undertook a full replacement, removing the old, rusted and ineffective unit and replacing it with a modern, stylish and powerful Fujitsu unit.

Not only this, the team also applied protection spray to the coil, combatting the corrosive sea air and enabling the unit to last for much longer without need for repair or maintenance.

As well as this, the team also completed a double unit installation in another part of the building, ensuring that the building will never be short of either heat, cold, or airflow.

Oceanarium Air Unit
Oceanarium Air Con

The results

The staff at the Oceanarium were really pleased with the results, with the aircon unit far more aesthetically pleasing just as a starting point.

In order to experience the full benefits of the unit, the staff will have to wait for warmer months – however, they can have peace of mind knowing that once it does, their aircon unit is ready to perform without any faults or issues.

As part of the oceanarium’s aesthetics, a low ceiling provides a great canvas for reflective lights and an oceanic vibe in the room – however this does produce issues with air-flow especially on busy, warm days.

The new aircon installation means that airflow will be increased throughout the building, making for a more pleasant visiting experience.

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