The brief

As a high end designer of luxury beds, the ambiance and comfort of the new Savoir Beds showroom in Mayfair was paramount. With air conditioning and ventilation an essential factor, the Cool-Tec team were called upon to provide their knowledge and installation expertise. The team were required to design the system alongside the store designer to ensure the new system fitted in with the store aesthetics.

What did we do?

After carrying out the initial site surveys and assessing the showroom’s plans, the Cool-Tec team proposed a solution to the client. For their air conditioning, the client agreed to a Panasonic Mini VRF system with three ceiling duct fan coil units. VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems are super smart, as they use a single outdoor condensing unit to filter cool or warm air to multiple air ducts throughout a building. The ceiling duct fan coil units would help to keep the cool or warm air circulating.

To assist with ventilation, Cool-Tec proposed a Panasonic Heat Recovery Unit. Heat recovery units extract internal air and replace it with fresh air from outside. As the internal air is swapped for external air, the system extracts the heat from the internal air and mixes it with the external air. This means no change in air temperature – ideal for retaining the perfect environment for shoppers.

Savoir Beds Front
Savoir Inside

After the installation

The client decided to take out a maintenance contract out with the Cool-Tec team. This would mean they’re entitled to the full five year Panasonic warranty. Savoir Beds asked us to take over the air conditioning maintenance of their Knightsbridge and Chelsea Harbour locations, and we also held multiple training sessions (to limit group sizes) to ensure the staff knew how to use the remote operation.

After the installation, the General Manager of Savoir fed-back that he’d had a positive response from staff and they were all happy with the installation.

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