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We may not get much summer in the UK but when it does get warmer, being indoors can get incredibly stuffy and uncomfortable. We’ve all struggled to sleep at night when it’s muggy or done an emergency run to the shops to buy extra fans when the temperatures have soared.

With many of us now working from home as well, it’s important to have a cool and comfortable place to sit where you can be happy and productive.

At Cool-Tec, we have over 35 years of experience designing, supplying, installing and servicing a wide range of high-quality air conditioning units and systems for homes across Dorset.

With a range of energy-efficient residential air conditioning units from the biggest, most trusted brands, you can stay cool all year round!

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Why invest in air conditioning for your home?

Investing in air conditioning for your home has a range of benefits, including:

Stay cool, whatever the weather

This is probably the most obvious benefit but definitely the biggest. Just think – no more tossing and turning in bed on those sticky summer nights. Keep cool during home workouts or create a perfectly comfortable work environment in your WFH space.

Improve your air quality

Air conditioning has been proven to promote better air quality, reducing the risk of dehydration, asthma attacks, and even heat stroke on those days when it’s simply far too hot.

Air conditioning is efficient and versatile enough to suit any home

We specialise in fitting home air conditioning systems from leading brands, which offer a relatively high efficiency rating. With plenty of different models and types, including central and multi-split, there’s a perfect air conditioning system to complement any home.

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Types of residential air conditioning

There are different types of air conditioning units that are suitable for home use. As the air con experts, we can advise on the best solution to suit your home and budget. Some of the different types of residential air conditioning include:

Central air conditioning

This is ideal if you have a large home and you wish to cool multiple rooms at once. Central air conditioning units use a split system that regulates air through ducts installed in your home. This can also sometimes be known as a ducted system.

“Split” implies that there is a combination of two main units: an outdoor unit (which comprises a condenser and compressor) and the indoor unit (which comprises the evaporator coils and air handler).

Programmable thermostats can be coupled with central air conditioners for a “smart home” experience.

A central air conditioning unit cools all the rooms attached to ducts at the same time, regulating temperature quickly and reducing humidity throughout your home.

Wall-mounted air conditioners

These are probably the most commonly used air conditioning units in a home environment. Long, thin and placed at a high level on the wall, they’re really easy to retrofit in rooms with no need for building work or redecoration.

Another huge advantage is that they’re really quiet, making them ideal for home use. While a single unit will usually be enough to cool most rooms, larger rooms may require an additional wall unit.

When we visit your home, we can advise on the best model to go for.

Low wall-mounted air conditioners

While these are a great choice for conservatories, loft conversions, and any rooms with low walls, they are suitable for all rooms of the home. As the name suggests, they are similar to wall-mounted air conditioning units, simply placed at a lower level on the wall.

They’re often popular with homeowners because they are placed out of their line of sight, in much the same way as radiators.

Residential air conditioning services

You can count on our expert team to advise on the best air conditioning system for your home, and provide-first rate installation and maintenance services to keep it running at its best for years to come.

Here’s what we can offer:


Our experienced engineers have designed and installed many different home air conditioning systems over the years, and work with all the major brands. We will advise on the best way to install your system for maximum results and visual appeal, and arrange an installation time to fit around your schedule.


Effective maintenance is the key to keeping your system running at optimal efficiency. This will not only keep your energy bills lower, but it will help to identify any issues early on – before they become bigger faults further down the line. Regular cleaning will also keep your system fresh and hygienic, improving your air quality.


In the event of a breakdown or fault with your system, we know that you’ll want to get things back up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency call-outs, to minimise disruption to your home and keep you and your family feeling cool!

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Why choose Cool-Tec for your home air conditioning?

We’ve got a proven track record when it comes to installing air conditioning for residential clients. When the upstairs rooms started to become unbearably hot, we installed a home air conditioning system for a property owner in Wimborne. We also installed a high-quality 3.5kw Panasonic wall-mounted split system for a home in Dorset.

To find out more about installing an air conditioning system in your home, please get in touch, with our friendly team on 0800 0189 941.

CAD Design – get the right system for your needs & budget.

Maintenance – includes filter cleaning to ensure a hygienic system.

Filter cleaning – keep your air conditioning system clean and hygienic

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Installation speedy installation keeps disruption to a minimum.

Emergency repairs – an air conditioning engineer on hand 24/7.

Full range of air conditioning services – from design to installation to maintenance

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