The brief

Recently, the Cool-Tec team were called out to a client in Central London to perform maintenance on their air conditioning/heating system. We had installed the system a number of years ago, and had regularly maintained it to a high standard since.

Upon our engineer’s visit, they found that the insulation on the rooftop piping had perished and fallen away. This greatly reduced the efficiency of the system, allowing energy to escape into the air – while also looking incredibly messy. Foam had spilled out from its holding while the material used to contain it had either ripped and broken or disappeared completely.

What did we do?

Having worked with the client to assess the problem, we were able to quote them for a full reinstallation of their insulation systems.

Within four weeks we were on site and making headway, stripping away the old, perished insulation and replacing it with newer, more energy efficient padding. We were also able to replace the containing material, wrapping the insulation thoroughly to ensure maximum energy retention in the pipes.

Rooftop Piping Insulation London Before
Rooftop Piping Insulation London After

After the installation

We thoroughly believe in the quality of our products and the expertise of our staff – and so when we completed the job, we provided a lifetime guarantee to ensure that the client has access to high quality and reliable maintenance whenever they need it. In the meantime, the newer insulation will decrease their energy usage and as a result, their running costs too.

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