Efficient Cold Storage Maintenance and Repair

If your cold storage room isn’t maintaining a cool temperature or you are finding pools of water in the room, it could be a sign that the system is failing and needs maintenance and repair. Cool-Tec’s team are experts when it comes to cold storage rooms, so no matter what the issue might be, we’ve got your back.

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Benefits of cold storage maintenance

As a business, you are likely to rely on your cold storage room, and even a small issue could have a big impact on your operations.

Regular cold storage maintenance and services allow you to go about your daily business confident that your cold storage room is functioning as it should and playing its part in your processes. From maintaining efficiency and performance to extending lifespan, there are many benefits to implementing frequent maintenance checks.

  • Ensuring Efficiency: You don’t want your storage room to be using energy unnecessarily, so regular maintenance and servicing means our engineers can test and check all parts of your cold storage room are functioning at optimal levels, ensuring energy efficiency and the highest performance possible.
  • Extended Lifespan: Keep your system in the prime of its life and even extend its lifespan by looking after it.
  • Save you money: Emergency repairs can be costly, and on top of that, you would most likely be dealing with spoilage of products, only adding to the cost of damage. Frequent maintenance will help reduce the risk of an emergency, therefore, saving you money on replacing goods and urgent repairs.

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Our cold storage room maintenance services

We are one of Dorset’s leading cold storage room companies and offer several maintenance and repair services.

There is no set time for a cold storage room to break down; it could be mid-day or it could happen at midnight. But don’t worry, we can help no matter what time you need us. We have someone on call 24 hours a day, meaning we can attend your emergency as soon as you call.

Our Regular cold storage room maintenance services act as a preventative measure, where we can spot any potential problems before they become bigger issues. These packages include an annual service where our accredited engineers will test and clean each component of the system to make sure it functions as it should.

As specialists, we can deal with all types of cold storage rooms, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you suspect a problem. Call us now on 0800 0189 941.

How do you know when you need a repair?

There are several signs to look out for which will hint that your storage system needs a bit of attention.

  • Inconsistent temperatures: This is the biggest clue that your storage room has something wrong with it. If it isn’t staying cold, you should contact a repair and maintenance team as soon as possible.
  • Weird noises: If you hear any unusual noises from the room, such as grinding, rattling, or hissing, there could be a mechanical issue, and you should probably get in touch with our team to resolve it.
  • Hike in energy bills: If you notice that your energy bills increase all of a sudden, it could suggest that your cold storage room is using up more energy than it should, signalling the system is working harder than it should be. Contact us as soon as possible if you notice you are spending more money on energy than normal.

Of course, you don’t always need a reason for a service, should you simply want your system to be checked, we can arrange a date and time for one of our engineers to visit your site and complete a comprehensive service on your cold storage room.

A member of our team is available 24/7 for any emergencies, so whenever you need an expert, we are there for you.

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