3 Reasons to Carry Out Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Failure to carry out regular maintenance on your air conditioning system will lead to a steady decline in its performance and increased energy consumption. Here are just three of the reasons you should have your air conditioning system maintained regularly by trained professionals.

1) Maintain energy efficiency

Air conditioning systems that have become clogged and dirty suffer from restricted airflow and reduced efficiency. This means that, in order to work effectively, they’ll need to be left running on a higher setting for longer periods of time. With your air conditioning working so much harder than usual, you will see a significant increase in the cost of your energy bills.

2) Improve air quality

Another potential problem caused by neglected air conditioners is poor indoor air quality, as the components inside get clogged with dust, dirt and debris. If your air conditioning system is no longer circulating clean, fresh air, you could find this has a negative impact on the wellbeing of your staff. It could also be a particular worry for allergy and asthma sufferers.

3) Extend the life of your air conditioning system

Keeping on top of regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of your air conditioning system and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and subsequent costly repairs. For this reason, regularly scheduled maintenance is more cost-effective in the long term as it will identify and solve small issues before they turn into larger, more expensive problems.

A full air conditioning system breakdown could require expensive repairs or even a complete replacement unit. Keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently with regular maintenance is the most important step you can take to reduce the risk of problems later on.

Speak to the air conditioning experts

If serviced properly by maintenance experts, commercial air conditioning units are reliable, durable pieces of equipment which will remain fully functional for many years.

At Cool-Tec, we have over 30 years’ experience servicing a wide range of air conditioning systems. Our maintenance service includes filter cleaning to ensure your system remains hygienic.

To find out more about our air conditioning maintenance services, please get in touch with the friendly Cool-Tec team today on 0800 0189941.