Does Having Air Conditioning Increase Property Value?

Living in the UK, you’ve probably only encountered air conditioning during trips abroad or in the occasional shops or hotels. With the record temperature highs, we’ve faced during 2023, however, more and more UK property owners are thinking about installing air con systems of their own.

Aside from the obvious benefits – think of how nice it feels coming in from the sweltering heat into a blissfully cool building! – there are plenty of others you might not think of. Better ventilation, improved air quality, and increased productivity while working from home are just a few.

Of course, the question still remains: can having air con installed actually add value to your property? And if it does, how much?

Below, we’ll explore the return on investment you can expect after installing an air conditioning system and take a closer look at all the factors that come into play. Let’s get started!

Does air conditioning increase property value?

Just like any other property improvement project, adding an air conditioning system will almost always add some level of value to your property. The amount it adds, however, depends on a few different factors.

Type of system

Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own perks and price range. Let’s look at three popular ones and how they can add value to your property:

  • You can get a portable system for as little as £500. It’s convenient, but keep in mind that it’s not a permanent addition, so it may not boost your property’s value significantly.
  • A permanent multi-room system will cost around £3,000 to £9,500 to install, depending on your property’s size and the number of rooms. However, it will boost your property’s value much more than a portable option.
  • Don’t be fooled by the name! Heat pumps aren’t just for heating; many models can provide a level of air conditioning too. They range from £7,000 to £13,000 to install, making them more expensive than other options, but make it for it by providing heat in the winter. They’re also exceptionally energy efficient, so you’ll save some money on energy bills as well.

Property location

It goes without saying, but the hotter it is outside, the more appealing air con becomes. As a result, the location of your property plays a big role in how much value AC adds to it.

If your property is located in a warmer part of the county, such as London or the South, air con is likely to add more value than it would if you’re located in the North.

Energy efficiency of building

Not only do energy-efficient properties reduce the strain on your heating system during winter, but they also lessen the workload on your air conditioning in the summer. Better insulation means your property effectively keeps the heat out, resulting in reduced AC usage and lower energy bills. This will usually be reflected in the sale price of your property.

If your property lacks proper insulation, it’s a good idea to prioritise improving it before considering investing in an AC system.

Quality of installation

Lastly, the way your system is installed has a big impact on the value it adds. A high-quality system that’s been optimised for your property’s size and layout will add much more value than a poorly designed system installed on the cheap. That’s why it’s so important to choose a reputable company to install it – they’ll make sure everything is done right and give you peace of mind.

Is AC a good investment?

There’s not a lot of data on how air con impacts property prices in the UK, simply because not many properties here have air conditioning. But in places like North America, where air conditioning is more common, having it already installed can boost a property’s value by as much as $2,500-$3,000, or approximately 5-10% of the total value.

While you might not recoup your entire investment on AC, it’s still a nice bonus when you sell your property – and this bonus can be even better if you’ve taken energy efficiency and installation quality into account.

Boost the value of your property with Cool-Tec

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