Is Your DIY Pub Heatwave Ready?

Mid July has been a scorcher for most of the UK, so we can bet our bottom dollar that the garden bars that were originally built for some lockdown entertainment are now being appreciated on a whole new level.

But while there’s one thing putting bottles of beer in a little bar fridge, there’s another thing really going to town with your refrigeration. For those that went the whole hog, how about turning your keg cupboard into a proper cool storage area? And if your family is a fan of a G&T, how about a proper ice machine?

If you’re stuck on the bar at the garden party and the fan just isn’t cutting it, you could even have a cooling unit installed. And the great news is – you can invest in a cooling unit that turns into a heating unit for when the weather decides to go down the drain again.

While heatwaves come and go, the weather powers that be are predicting above average temperatures in August, so getting your DIY pub heatwave ready won’t be a wasted effort – and you can make it usable all year round at the same time.

So, how do you do it? This is where the expert team at Cool-Tec come into play. If you know you need some cooling technology but you’re not quite sure what that entails, give the friendly team at Cool-Tec a call on 08000189941.

We’ll be more than happy to guide you through what you need to make your garden bar the real envy of all of your friends. We’ll recommend the right products, price them up for you, and come over and install your cooling equipment in time for you to enjoy a cool drink at the end of the day.

Sound good? Then get in touch today!