The Dangers of Ignoring Your Building’s Ventilation

Ventilation is essential to creating a healthy indoor environment so ignoring the need for a quality ventilation system in a building leaves it, and the people inside, exposed to a number of dangers, including those outlined below.

Ventilation systems purify the air

The purity of the air we breathe in has perhaps never been so important as it is today due to the rise of COVID-19. This potentially deadly virus can be spread through water droplets in the air which means an effective ventilation system is one of the most essential components of any building and one of our main defences for safeguarding against the virus.

Indeed, one of the most important roles of a ventilation system is to take the impure air inside a building, which is full of germs, dust, excess moisture and allergens, filter it and then expel it safely outside. Without a ventilation system in place, all these nasty pollutants are free to multiply and spread far and wide, increasing the chances for the people inside to breathe them in. This is especially apparent in buildings without windows or where the windows only open a small amount.

Condensation and black mould

When warm air inside a building meets cold surfaces, it condenses to form water droplets, otherwise known as condensation. Over time, condensation build up and this surplus of moisture can lead to rotten surfaces, puddles and, perhaps most worryingly of all, the growth of black mould.

Black mould thrives in moisture rich buildings and can spread across walls, over windowpanes and even clothes and furniture. Not only does it look ugly, but it can release toxic spores and allergens which have been associated with various health issues, including skin rashes and respiratory conditions. A good ventilation system draws out excess moisture from the air to reduce humidity and prevent this dangerous build-up of condensation.

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