Celebrate Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

In the blink of an eye, we’ve breezed through another year and it’s Air Conditioning Appreciation Day once more!

Now, we know it might not be one of the most talked-about events in the social calendar, but there’s still good reason to take note when Air Conditioning Appreciation Day rolls round.

The date for your diaries this year is July 3rd; pencil it in and show your air conditioning how much you care by booking it in for an annual service (see – there’s method to our madness in celebrating this holiday after all!).

At Cool-Tec, we know how to give your air conditioning system the attention it deserves – perfect to show just how much you appreciate it! From cleaning out those dusty filters to checking the refrigerant, your unit will leave us with a renewed sense of joi de vivre.

As you might have guessed – Air Conditioning Appreciation Day is arguably one of the most exciting days in our calendar, so help us celebrate in style! We’re looking to spend the day helping air conditioning units in distress become the heroes once more, and we want to hear from you!

Puts the wind back in your air conditioner’s sails (with regular maintenance)

No matter if you’re a long-term celebrator of Air Conditioning Appreciation Day or are hearing about the celebration for the first time this year (don’t worry – we understand if it’s the latter!), there’s no denying that an annual prompt is the perfect way to keep on top of regular air conditioner maintenance.

Whether you’ve noticed that your air conditioning has been a little off-colour for a while, or you simply want to avoid problems down the line, this is your sign to book it in for a soothing session of TLC (more commonly known as air conditioning maintenance!).

Pop July 3rd (e.g., Air Conditioning Appreciation Day) in your diary every year, and you’ll never forget to book your unit in for a service!

Clearing the Air is Key to a Cohesive Relationship

Much like any relationship, air conditioners have a lot of moving parts – all of which need to work harmoniously to keep things running at their best.

Getting one of our technicians in to perform a service and help clear the air (conditioner) will ensure that every element of your unit is contributing towards it feeling its best.

Of course, there’s the bonus that when your air conditioning is checked regularly and working properly, you’ll be benefitting from its cooling and avoiding costly bills from unexpected breakdowns. Win-win!

Don’t Struggle Through Breakdowns

Hey, we get it – you and your air conditioner might go through some rough times. Things don’t always work out exactly as they should.

But don’t panic – our technicians are available 24/7 to assist with emergency repairs so you’ll both be breezing along again in no time.

Pamper Your Air Conditioner – Show How Much You Care

To book your air conditioner in for a service, please contact our friendly team today by calling 0800 0189 941 or send us a message. From everyone at Cool-Tec, we wish you a very happy Air Conditioning Appreciation Day!